Friday, 14 December 2012

Entry: micturate (v.)

In context: "'After we converse you will conduct me to micturate, please.'"

Definition: intr. To urinate.

Other: If nothing else, there are a few choice usages in the OED.  I can't imagine Cat World makes it in here all that often.

1878   Proc. Royal Soc. 27 466   Micturated. Drooping head on one side.

1987   A. Burgess Little Wilson & Big God i. 25,   I would go into all the bedrooms and micturate in all the chamberpots.

1999   Cat World Aug. 46/1   Antha is micturating on the carpets (i.e. marking with a small volume of concentrated urine from a squatting position).

SNOOT score: 1

Page: 569

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

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