Monday, 30 September 2013

Entry: anaclitic (adj.)

In context: "Defining yourself in opposition to something is still being anaclitic on that thing, isn't it?"

Definition:   Orig. in phr. anaclitic type (tr. German Anlehnungstypus (Freud), lit. ‘leaning-on type’), a person whose choice of a ‘love object’ is governed by the dependence of the libido on another instinct, e.g. hunger; also in extended use, characterized by dependence on another or others (see quots.).

Other: Fascinating word.  I'm not sure how easily I'll be able to work it into conversation.  Any suggestions?

SNOOT score: 2
Page: 1048

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Entry: felo de se (n.)

In context: "....O. reports that in the days prior to Dr. Incandenza's felo de se, a so-called "word" appeared on a "fogged" "windows" of Mrs. Inc's pale yellow Volvo, and the word cast a conjugal pall in all sorts of directions."

Definition: One who ‘deliberately puts an end to his own existence, or commits any unlawful malicious act, the consequence of which is his own death’.

Other: The etymology is interesting here:

Anglo-Latin felō felon n.2, dē sē of himself.

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SNOOT score: 3
Page: 1048

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hey! News! What?

I'm trying to think of a kind, clever, or even interesting excuse for sort of, well, forgetting about this blog.

The truth, of course, is that I didn't forget, but that it's been like some nagging but minor mouth injury, which escapes my attention for a bit, which I know I ought to do something about, but it's just easier to wait and see how it looks in the morning.

At the same time, I hate when I leave something unfinished.  I still can't do 100 pushups, I can't ride my bike more than 50 damn feet without my hands, and I've tried and failed to learn French, Cantonese, Latin, and Tagalog.  And I'm forgetting how to write.

So: I'm going to get this thing going again and start updating it shortly. Whether this means having to rebuild the readership, or whether perhaps a few DFW-fans still hopefully check this page, we'll see.

It'll take a couple of days to get things rolling, but rest assured, we're going to finish Infinite Jest.