Friday, 13 December 2013

Entry:  peripatetic (adj.)

In context: "'Felicity will be just fine.  So you're just strolling.  Peripatetic footage.'"

Definition: A person who walks about; a traveller; an itinerant dealer or trader.  


Etymology:  < classical Latin peripatēticus of or belonging to the peripatetic (Aristotelian) school of philosophy, philosopher of this school < Hellenistic Greek περιπατητικός given to walking about, especially while teaching or disputing, especially with reference to Aristotle and his followers < ancient Greek περιπατεῖν to walk about, to walk up and down while teaching ( < περι- peri- prefix + πατεῖν to tread, to walk: see paturon n.) + -τικός , suffix forming adjectives from verbs. Compare Middle French, French péripatétique (1372 as adjective, 1531 or earlier as noun). Compare peripatos n.

SNOOT score:   2
Page: 761

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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