Sunday, 8 July 2012

Entry: sallet (n.)

In context: Do you like hats?  Do you really like hats?  I hope so, because we're about to do the hat world tour.

"Troeltsch wears an InterLace Sports baseball cap, and Keith Freer a two-horned operatic Viking helmet along with his leather vest, and Fran Unwin a fez, and fierce little Josh Gopnik the white beanie with the dirty cart-wheel-track across it from this afternoon's debacle.  Tex Watson wears a tan Stetson with a really high crown, and little Tina Echt an outlandishly large plaid beret that covers half her little head, the Vaught twins a freakish bowler with two domes and one brim, Stephan Wagenknecht a plastic sallet - that is just scanning at random; the headwear goes on and on, a whole topography of hats - and Carol Spodek a painter's cap with the name of a paint company, and Bernadette Longley a calpac that obstructs the view of people behind her.  Duncan van Slack in a harquebus w/ buckle.  Should probably also mention Avril's wearing a Fukoama microfiltration mask, it being way too early in the day for supper for her anyway.  Ortho Stice wears a calotte, and the U.S.S. Millicent Kent a slanted noir-style fedora and Tall Paul Shaw, way in back, a conquistadorial helmet and escudo, and Mary Esther Thode a plain piece of cardboard propped on her head that says HAT.  Idris Arslanian's spectacular bearskin shako  is held in place with a chinstrap."

Definition: In mediæval armour, a light globular headpiece, either with or without a vizor, and without a crest, the lower part curving outwards behind.

OtherHere are a few images.

SNOOT score: 1
Page: 1029

Source: Oxford English Dictionary, Wikipedia   

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