Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Entry: shako (n.)

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Definition:   A military cap in the shape of a truncated cone, with a peak and either a plume or a ball or ‘pom-pom’. (Not now worn by British soldiers.)

Other: This hat/cap makes me laugh.  Here it is.

Fascinating etymology:  < Magyar csákó, short for csákó süveg, more correctly csákos süveg peaked cap (csákos being an adj. < csák peak, believed by Hungarian scholars to be < German zacken point, spike).

The word has been adopted into several European languages; the French schako may be the proximate source. While the shako was still worn in the British army, the pronunciation was /ˈʃækəʊ/ among officers, but /ʃəˈkuː/ in the ranks.

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Page: 1029

Source: Oxford English Dictionary, Wikipedia   

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