Saturday, 4 August 2012

Entry: testatory (adj.)

In context: "Certain other and doubtless really disturbing footage of Clipperton's suicide still exists, having - with perhaps a half a dozen other emotionally or professionally sensitive cartridge-Masters - been designated Unviewable by testatory codicil and, as far as either Hal or Orin knows, enclosed in some sort of vault-apparatus that only Himself's attorneys and maybe Avril have access to."

Definition: pertaining to or of the nature of evidence.

Other: Interestingly, this comes from testator (n.): One who makes a will; esp. one who has died leaving a will. 

Testator can be traced back to testateur (Fr.) in 1306, but there is a long history to wills.

SNOOT score: 2
Page: 1030

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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