Friday, 28 September 2012

Entry: approception (n.)

In context: "'...Millon's and Approception tests on all these hordes of prospective volunteers - the hordes were told it was part of the screen - the scores came out fascinatingly, chillingly, average, normal.'"

Definition: A neologism - the closest I can find is apperception (n.):

The mind's perception of itself as a conscious agent; self-consciousness.

Psychol. The action or fact of becoming conscious by subsequent reflection of a perception already experienced; any act or process by which the mind unites and assimilates a particular idea (esp. one newly presented) to a larger set or mass of ideas (already possessed), so as to comprehend it as part of the whole.

Other: Unrelated, but anyway: on page 471, Steeply and Marathe are having a conversation:

"Marathe idly felt at the little pills of cotton in his windbreaker's cotton pockets, pleasantly nodding.  'An experimental program of Canada, you stated.'

'I even remember.  The Brandon Psychiatric Centre.'

Marathe pretended to cough in the recognition of this.  'This is a mental hospital.  The far north of Manitoba.  Forbidding wastelands.  The centre of nothing.'"

Someone is making a mistake here - Brandon is nowhere near the 'far north of Manitoba'!.

SNOOT score: 1
Page: 470

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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