Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Entry: stereotaxy (n.)

In context: "Steeply said: 'No? Some sort of radical advance.  Stereotaxy.  Epilepsy-treatment.  They proposed to implant tiny little hair-thin electrodes in the brain.'"

Definition: Interestingly, stereotaxy/stereotaxis appears in the OED, but there's isn't a definition.  Let's see what we can find:

stereo (n.): abbreviation of stereoscope n., stereoscopic adj.  stereo card n. a card on which are mounted a pair of stereoscopic photographs.  stereo pair n. a pair of photographs showing the same scene from slightly different points of view, so that when viewed appropriately a single stereoscopic image is seen.

taxis (n.):  A manipulative operation employed for replacing parts which have quitted their natural situation, reducing hernia, etc.

Other: So I'll admit it: today's entry probably wasn't too helpful. 

SNOOT score: 1
Page: 470

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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