Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Entry: intransigence (n.)

In context: "Lateral Alice has queer eccentric pockets of intransigence and Ludditism, due possibly to her helicopter-crash and neurologic deficits."

Definition: That refuses to come to terms or make any compromise (in politics); uncompromising, irreconcilable

Other: That has to be one of my favorite "in context" sentences yet.

This is pretty cool: check out the etymology for intransigent (adj. and n.):
Etymology:  < French intransigeant /ɛ̃trɑ̃siʒɑ̃/ in Littré Suppl., < Spanish los intransigentes , applied to the party of the Extreme Left in the Spanish Cortes, and in 1873–74 to the extreme Republicans in Spain; < Latin in- (in- prefix3) + transigent-em, present participle of transigĕre to come to an understanding, < trans across + agĕre to act. Also used in French spelling.

SNOOT score: 3

Page: 517

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

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