Monday, 26 November 2012

Entry: lineskers (n.)

In context: "A few lineskers and there'd be no stress-issues about telling Bruce G. with all due respect to screw, to peddle his papers, go play in the freeway, go play with a chainsaw, go find a short pier, that no disrepect but Lenz needed to fly solo in the urban night."

Definition: A neologism (Lenzologism) that I'm not entirely thrilled to help spread.  Also, why is it that athletes invent the worst neologisms, nicknames, and employ the most tired cliches?  I guess this isn't a new observation, but as a lifelong hockey player and fan, it's bothersome.

Me and Toewser (i.e., Toews) were just chuggin' the puck in their end, giving it 110%, firing on all 5 cylinders, etc., etc.


SNOOT score: 1
Page: 555

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

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