Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Entry: verdigrised (adj.)

In context:  "This is out by Arlington St., in the Gardens' southwest corner, hidden by its ridge from the pond's basin and tourism booth and pavilion and the hub of radial paths and the giant verdigrised statues of ducklings in a row commemorating Robert McCloskey's beloved and timeless Make way for Duckings."

Definition: Coated or tainted with verdigris.

Other: From verdigris (n.): A green or greenish blue substance obtained artificially by the action of dilute acetic acid on thin plates of copper (or a green rust naturally forming on copper and brass), and much used as a pigment, in dyeing, the arts, and medicine; basic acetate of copper.

I thought this was likely to be an inflection invented by Wallace!

SNOOT score 1
Page: 623

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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