Thursday, 24 January 2013

Entry: colposcope (n.)

In context:  "Axford has trouble even public showering, much less submitting nude to a female's inspection.  Hal is maybe the one male E.T.A. for whom liketime virginity is a conscious goal.  He sort of feels like O.'s having enough acrobatic coitus for all three of them.  Freer even has a like souvenir-colposcope bolted to the inside of his locker door..."

Definition: from colpo-: also colp- before a vowel, comb. form of Greek κόλπος womb, used = vagina in terms of Pathol., Surg., and Anat.

1940   E. Novak Gynecol. & Obstetr. Pathol. vi. 92   Colposcopy, the magnification of the cervix afforded by the Hinselmann colposcope.

Other: Got a bit behind!  Not having Internet access at home, combined with a lot of work and coaching got in the way, but I'll post all the missing entries today.

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Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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