Saturday, 2 February 2013

Entry: blarneyed (v.)

In context:  "M. M. Pemulis and J. G. Struck, wet-haired after their P.M. runs, had blarneyed their way past the library-attendant at the B.U. School of Pharmacy..."

Definition: a. trans. To assail with blarney, to overcome or beguile with flattery.

Other: blarney (n.): Smoothly flattering or cajoling talk. (colloq.) Also, nonsense. 

Very fascinating: Etymology:  < Blarney, name of a village near Cork. In the castle there is an inscribed stone in a position difficult of access. The popular saying is that any one who kisses this ‘Blarney stone’ will ever after have ‘a cajoling tongue and the art of flattery or of telling lies with unblushing effrontery’ (Lewis Topog. Dict. Ireland).(Show Less)

SNOOT score 1
Page: 655

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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