Friday, 26 October 2012

Entry: moppetish (adj.)

In context: "At the Enfield Tennis Academy, for the last four years, Dr. Dolores Rusk is supposed to hold a kind of distaff community meeting with all female players judged naïve and moppetish enough to be potential diddlees - the youngest of these is Rhode Island's pint-sized Tina Echt, just seven but a true cannibal off the backhand side - to interface in a discreet but nuturingly empowering group setting, etc., and nip any potential Phielyisms in the bud."

Definition: From moppet (n.): A baby; a young child, esp. a girl; a darling, a favourite (freq. as a term of endearment). Also (depreciative): a frivolous or gaudily dressed woman.


SNOOT score: 1
Page: 511

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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