Thursday, 11 October 2012

Entry: variegated (adj.)

In context: "...Lucien can see the variegated glints of passing low-chassis headlights off a whole long single-file column of polished metal wheels stolidly turning, being turned by swarthy hands in fingerless wheelchair-gloves."

DefinitionComposed of persons of various characters or kinds; heterogeneous; motley. rare.

makes the most sense here, but also:

 Marked with patches or spots of different colours; varied in colour; of diverse or various colours; many-coloured, vari-coloured; spec. in Bot.

Other: Also, In the specific names of animals, birds, etc.

Which gives us a bit of a runaway usage example:

1783   J. Latham Gen. Synopsis Birds II. i. 99   Variegated chatterer.
1783   J. Latham Gen. Synopsis Birds II. i. 181   Variegated Bunting (Emberiza principalis).
1792   G. Shaw Musei Leveriani 38   The Variegated Baboon.
1801   G. Shaw Gen. Zool. II. 17   Variegated Cavy.
1801   G. Shaw Gen. Zool. II. 123   Variegated Marmot.
1802   G. Shaw Gen. Zool. III. i. 235   Variegated Lizard.
1804   G. Shaw Gen. Zool. V. ii. 439   Variegated Sun-fish.
1814   W. E. Leach Zool. Misc. I. 117   Variegated Coucal. 

Also, I could swear I'd already included this word, but apparently not.

SNOOT score: 1
Page: 484

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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