Saturday, 9 November 2013

Entry: gnomes (n.)

In context: "Relevant gnomes here might include 'Addicts Don't Have Relationships, They Take Hostages' (sic) and 'An Alcoholic Is a Relief-Seeking Missile.'"

Definition: A short pithy statement of a general truth; a proverb, maxim, aphorism, or apophthegm. Also spec. with reference to Old English verse.

Other: An interesting usage - I was only familiar with the more commonplace sense.  In case you were wondering apophthegm (n.):  A terse, pointed saying, embodying an important truth in few words; a pithy or sententious maxim.

On that, I like this usage:

1879   F. W. Farrar Life & Work St. Paul I. viii. xxix. 593   The admirable Hebrew apophthegm, ‘Learn to say, “I do not know”.’

SNOOT score:  2
Page: 1054

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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