Saturday, 30 November 2013

Entry: haplology (n.)

In context: Then Hal asked for several examples of something called Haplology."

Definition: The utterance of one letter, syllable, or word instead of two.

Other: I whole-heartedly recommend you take a look at the Wikipedia page on this one.  Pretty much the only interesting word this week.

In case it gets changed/edited at some point, here are some of the relevant bits:

Haplology is defined as the elimination of a syllable when two consecutive identical or similar syllables occur. The phenomenon was identified by American philologist Maurice Bloomfield in the 20th century.[1] Linguists sometimes jokingly refer to the phenomenon as "haplogy" (subjecting the word "haplology" to haplology).


Colloquial (non-standard spellings signalled by *):

    library (RP: /ˈlaɪbrərɪ/) > *libry /ˈlaɪbrɪ/
    particularly > *particuly
    pierced-ear earrings > pierced earrings [1]
    probably > *probly
    February > *Febury

SNOOT score:  4
Page: 745

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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