Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Entry: shibboleths (n.)

In context: " exchange of slavish dependence on the bottle/pipe for slavish dependence on meetings and banal shibboleths and robotic piety..."

Definition:  A catchword or formula adopted by a party or sect, by which their adherents or followers may be discerned, or those not their followers may be excluded.

Other: loosely. A custom, habit, mode of dress, or the like, which distinguishes a particular class or set of persons.

Here is some classic SNOOT for you:

1849   T. B. Macaulay Hist. Eng. I. iii. 400   To that sanctimonious jargon, which was his shibboleth, was opposed another jargon not less absurd.

SNOOT score:  2
Page: 706

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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