Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Entry: aspirated (adj.)

In context: "Matty's Da'd died choking on aspirated blood, a veritable found of the darkest possible blood, Matty coated a spray-paint-russet as he held the man's yellow wrists and Mum lumbered off down the ward in search of a crash-card team."

Definition: The closest I can find is from aspiration (n.):

The action or process of drawing in, out, or through by suction.

In general, my cursory reading indicates that aspiration is when someone chokes on blood that has filled the lungs.  Any medical-type folks want to help out? 

Other: Another, seemingly more common (?) usage of the word, is:

To pronounce with a breathing; to add an audible effect of the breath to any sound; to prefix h to a vowel, or add h or its supposed equivalent to a consonant sound.

SNOOT score: 1
Page: 685

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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