Friday, 11 October 2013

Entry: pace (prep.)

In context: "Feral hamsters - bogey-wise right up there with mile-high toddlers, skull-deprived wraiths, carnivorous flora, and marsh-gas that melts your face off and leaves you with exposed gray-and-red facial musculature for the rest of your ghoulish-pariah life, in terms of light-night hair-raising Concavity narratives - are rarely sighted south of the Lucite walls and ATHSCME'd checkpoints that delimit the Great Concavity, and only once in a blue moon anywhere south of like the new-border burg of Methuen MA, whose Chamber of Commerce calls it 'The City That Interdependence Rebuilt,' and anyway pace Blott are hardly ever seen solo, being the sort of rapacious locust-like mass-movement creature that Canadian agronomists call 'Piranha of the Plains.'"

Definition: With due deference to (a named person or authority); despite.Used chiefly as a courteous or ironic apology for a difference of opinion about to be expressed.

Other: I think I got the correct usage for this one.  The passage above is long, but was worth copying.

SNOOT score: 4
Page: 670

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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