Friday, 18 October 2013

Entry: harlequin (n.)

In context:  "Aubrey DeLint was sitting back up beside them, the cold giving his pitted cheeks a second flush, two feverish harlequin ovals."

Definition: A buffoon in general; a fantastic fellow.

but more interestingly:

A character in Italian comedy, subsequently in French light comedy; in English pantomime a mute character supposed to be invisible to the clown and pantaloon; he has many attributes of the clown (his rival in the affections of Columbine) with the addition of mischievous intrigue; he usually wears particoloured bespangled tights and a visor, and carries a light ‘bat’ of lath as a magic wand.


SNOOT score:  1
Page: 681

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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