Monday, 26 March 2012

Entry: aminating (v.)

In context: "The addict from New Bedford picked up the aminating needle a couple weeks after that anyway and was discovered by a night staffer simultaneously playing air-guitar and polishing the lides of all of the donated canned goods in the House pantry way after lights out, stark naked and sheened with meth-sweat, and after the formality of a Urine she was given the old administrative boot - over a quarter of incoming Ennet House residents get discharged for a dirty Urine within their first third days, and it's the same at all other Boston halfway houses - and the girl ended up back in New Bedford, and then within like three hours of hitting the streets got picked up by New Bedford's Finest on an old default warrant and sent to Framingham's Women's for a 1-to-2 bit, and got found one morning in her bunk with a kitchen-rigged shiv protruding from her privates and another in her neck and a thoroughly eliminated personal map, and Gately's individual counselor Gene M. brought Gately the news and invited him to see the methedrine addict's demise as a clear case of There But For the Grade of God Goeth D. W. Gately."

Definition: Chemistry, to introduce an amino group into (a compound).


SNOOT score: 1

Page: 195

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