Thursday, 1 March 2012

Entry: woppsed (adj.)

In context: "Ingersoll tosses Stice a woppsed-up towel, trying to be helpful, but Stice's eyes are on Freer's in the glass, and the towel hits him in the head, and sits there, on his head."

Definition: Neologism.  Presumably wrapped/jumbled-up.

Other: Apropos of nothing in particular, but one of my favorite memories took place in the family kitchen.  My mother was trying to cajole my younger brother and I into doing our appointed chores - clearing the table, washing dishes, sweeping.  My brother picked a ketchup bottle of the table and made a motion as if to squirt it at my fairly frustrated mother.

My brother is a bright guy and clearly knew that covering mom in ketchup wouldn't help the situation or our child-labor complaints.  That's why he was as surprised as I was - and my mother - when a huge stream of ketchup went streaming from the bottle and covered my mom.

The best part of the memory is an incredibly pregnant moment of silence as each of us tried to figure out what came next - it literally could have been anything.  It could be laughter or murder.  

To her massive credit mom just laughed, cleaned off, and we dutifully and with some remorse attended to our chores.

SNOOT score: 1

Page: 105

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

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