Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Entry: apotheosizing (v.)

In context: "The radio show right before Madame Psychosis's midnight show on M.I.T.'s semi-underground WYYY is 'Those Were the Legends that Formerly Were,' one of those cruel tech-collegiate formats where any U.S. student who wants to can dart over from the super-collider lab or the Fourier Transforms study group for fifteen minutes and read on-air some parodic thing where he'd pretend to be his own dad apotheosizing some sort of thick-necked historic athletic figure the dad'd admired and had by implication compared with woeful distaste to the pencil-necked big-headed asthmatic little kid staring up through Coke-bottle lenses from his digital keyboard."

Definition:   To elevate to, or as if to, the rank of a god; to deify, glorify, exalt.

Other:  Great word!

Oh snap:

1858   R. A. Vaughan Ess. & Remains I. 8   The philosophical school of Alexandria had become extinct, and there was no apotheosis.

SNOOT score: 3

Page: 182
Source: Oxford English Dictionary

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