Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Entry: Stanford-Bïnet (n.)

In context: "M.M. Pemulis, whose middle name is Mathew (sic), has the highest
Stanford-Bïnet of any kid on academic probation ever at the Academy."

Definition: An adaptive intelligence test.


Don't call me an idiot!  I'm profound!
Binet Scale of Human Intelligence
IQ Score      Original Name     Modern Term
Over 140     Genius or Near-Genius
120 - 139    Very Superior
110 - 119    Superior
90 - 109      Average or Normal
80 - 89       Dull     Dull Normal
70 - 79       Borderline Deficiency     Mild
50 - 69       Moron     Moderate
20 - 49       Imbecile     Severe
Below 20     Idiot     Profound

SNOOT score: 1

Source: Wikipedia


  1. Perhaps also of interest here is the ï instead of i. I don't know of any rule that would explain this, and I'd never seen Alfred Binet written thusly.

    Maybe double-dotted because the bi- indicates two of something?

    1. Yeah, I wonder about that - it would be odd for it to be a typo. Oddly enough, French references to Binet seem to prefer Bïnet.