Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Entry: senza errori (n.)

In context: "My wood Wilson from my stack of wood Wilsons in their trapezoid presses was a sentient expression of my arm, and I felt it singing, and my hand, and they were alive, my well-armed hand was the secretary of my mind, lithe and responsive and senza errori, because I knew myself as a body and was fully inside my little child's body out there, Kim, I was in my bight right arm and scarless legs, safely ensconced, running here and there, my head pounding like a heart, sweating purled on every limb, running like a veldt-creature, leaping, frolicking, striking with maximum economy and minimum effort, my eyes on the ball and the corners both, I was two, three, a couple shots ahead of both me and the hapless canine client's kid, handing the dandy his pampered ass."

Definition: accurate, flawless, unfailing, faultless

Other: Senza seems to mean 'without' and errori 'error'.

SNOOT score: 1

Source: EUdict

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