Thursday, 19 April 2012

Entry:brachiform (adj.)

In context: "...the devices' slings are of alloy-belted plastic and their huge cupped vehicle-receptacles like catcher's mitts from hell, a half dozen or so of the catapults in this like blimp-hangarish things with a selectively slide-backable roof, taking up a good six square blocks of Enfield's brachiform incursion into the Allston Spur..."

Definition: Context isn't too helpful and difficult to find a dictionary with this one.

Best I could find is: Shaped or bent like an arm.

Other:I tried looking up words that might give a suggestion as to meaning.  Apparently brach (n.) is any type of female hound that hunts by scent.  This later became a term of abuse (cf. bitch)

SNOOT score: 1


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