Thursday, 26 April 2012

Entry: reticulate (adj.)

In context: "He just got back to the baseline farthest from Schacht's little tarp-window and bounces a ball up and down in the air with the reticulate face of his stick s the Port Washington boy sits in his little canvas director's chair and towels off the sweat off his arms (neither of which is large) and looks briefly up at the gallery behind the panel."

Definition: Constructed or marked so as to resemble a net or network; reticulated; (Bot.) (of leaves) marked by a (prominent) network of secondary veins interconnecting the main veins; (of veins) forming such a network.

Other: Quite a nice, apt usage of 'reticulate' in the above quote from Infinite Jest.

SNOOT score: 2

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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