Sunday, 15 April 2012

Entry: febrile (adj.)

In context: "...she is not drunk Joelle now sees but has taken Ecstasy, Joelle can see, from the febrileflush and eyes jacked so wide you can make out brain-meat behing the balls' poles, a.k.a. X or MDMA, a beta-something, an early synthetic, emotional acid, the Love Drug so-called, big among the artistic young under say Bush and successors, since fallen into relative disuse because its pulverizing hangover has been linked to the impulsive use of automatic weapons in public venues, a hangover that makes a freebase hangover look like a day at the emotional beach..."

Definition: Of or pertaining to fever; produced by or indicative of fever; feverish.

Other:DFW would probably not have made a very persuasive drug dealer.

SNOOT score: 1

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

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