Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Entry:ipecac (n.)

In context: "'And then it turns out he'd put ipecac in the brandy.  It was the most horrible thing you've ever seen.  Everyone, all over, spouting like whales.  I'd heard the term projectile vomiting but I never thought that I - you could aim, the pressure was such that you could aim."

Definition: Short form for ipecacuanha: The root of Cephaëlis ipecacuanha, N.O. Cinchonaceæ, a South American small shrubby plant, which possesses emetic, diaphoretic, and purgative properties; also popularly applied to various forms in which the drug is employed

Other:One of those words that looks like it shouldn't have an anagram, but ipecac/icecap.

SNOOT score: 1

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

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