Thursday, 5 April 2012

Entry: halation (n.)

In context: "An alcohol hangover was definitely no frolic in the psychic glade, all thirsty and sick and your eyes bulging and receding with your pulse, but after a night of involved hallucinogens Hal said the dawn seemed to confer on his psyche a kind of pale sweet aura, a luminescence.  Halation, Axford observed.

Definition: Photogr. The term used to denote the spreading of light beyond its proper boundary in the negative image upon the plate, producing local fog around the high lights, or those portions of the picture which are brighter than the rest of the image ( Cycl. Photogr.).

Also: A similar effect in television

Other:DFW doesn't appear too fond of puns, which is a shame since I love them.  If you've got a great (or terrible) pun you'd like to share, please do so.

I played the word KOI in a Scrabble tournament in a particularly lucky spot and my opponent complained and complained.  I told him not to carp about it.

(True story.)

SNOOT score: 1

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

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