Sunday, 29 April 2012

Entry: mokus (adj.)

In context: Here we go:

"It was one reason he'd ever been able to stick out his nine residential months here with twenty-one other newly detoxed housebreakers, hoods, whores, fired vagrants, indignant car salesmen, bulimic trauma-mamas, bunko artists, mincing pillow-biters, North End hard guys, pimply kids with electric nose-rings, denial-ridden housewives and etc., all jonesing and head-gaming and mokus and grieving and basically whacked out and producing nonstopping output 24-7-365."

Definition: I had initially figured this for a neologism or slang.  Turns out it's the latter and well-recognized.  A neat word, for sure.

Loneliness, depression; (with the) a state of depression, ‘the blues’. Occas. also: drunkenness; alcoholic drink.

Other:Neat!  Guess who gets the most recent usage in the OED?

SNOOT score: 2

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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