Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Entry: apoplectic (adj.)

In context: "Apoplectic premier rings AMNAT's president, only to be asked if his refrigerator's running."

DefinitionOf, pertaining to, or causing, apoplexy.

apoplexy (n.):  A malady, very sudden in its attack, which arrests more or less completely the powers of sense and motion; it is usually caused by an effusion of blood or serum in the brain, and preceded by giddiness, partial loss of muscular power, etc.

Other: Etymology:  < French apoplexie, < Latin apoplēxia (occas. used in English), < Greek ἀποπληξία name of the same malady, < ἀποπλήσσ-ειν to disable by a stroke, < ἀπό off, (in comb.) completely + πλήσσ-ειν to strike

SNOOT score: 4
Page: 326

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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