Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Entry: bradyauxetic (adj.)

In context: "There was the matter of the withered-looking and bradyauxetic arms..."

Definition: From fn. 115: "...bradyauxesis refers to some part(s) of the body not growing as fast as the other parts of the body - Himself and Moms got plenty familiar with these sort of congenital-challegne terms and many more, re Mario, particularly the variations on the medical root brady, from the Greek bradys meaning slow, such as bradylexia (w/r/t reading), bradyphenia (practical-problem-solving-type thinking), nocturnal bradypnea (dangerously slow breathing during sleep sometimes, which is why Mario uses four pillows minimum), bradypedestrianism (obvious), and especially bradykinesia, an almost gerontologic lentissimo about most of Mario's movements, an exaggerated slowness that both resembles and permits extremely close attention to whatever's being done."

Other: This is one of those funny sentences to type, since nearly every third word is currently underlined for ostensible misspellings.

SNOOT score: 1
Page: 1022

Source: Infinite Jest !

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