Monday, 11 June 2012

Entry: profligate (adj.)

In context: "MIRVs, being a profligate use of a Combatant's available megatonnage, tend to get used only if a game of Eschaton metastasizes from a controlled set of Spasm Exchanges - SPASEX - to an all-out apocalyptic series of punishing Strikes Against Civilian Populations - SACPOP."

Definition:  Recklessly extravagant, esp. with money; wasteful.

Other: Reading the above reminded me tangentially of something I read in Derrida about 'apocalypse', so I reviewed the term's etymology, which is interesting:

Etymology:  < Latin apocalypsis, < Greek ἀποκάλυψις, n. of action < ἀποκαλύπτειν to uncover, disclose, < ἀπό off + καλύπτειν to cover.

SNOOT score: 2
Page: 324

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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