Saturday, 16 June 2012

Entry: verisimilitude (n.)

In context: "But God here is played by Otis P. Lord, and Lord is number-crunching so fiendishly at the cart's Yushityu, trying to confirm the versimilitude of the peace terms AMNAT and SOVWAR are hashing out..."

Definition: The fact or quality of being verisimilar; the appearance of being true or real; likeness or resemblance to truth, reality, or fact; probability.

Other: What a great string of words lately.  I can say that, I think, without being too prideful - they certainly aren't my words.

If you're curious - and I just was - we've recently passed 1/3 of the novel!

SNOOT score: 4
Page: 333

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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