Saturday, 16 June 2012

Entry: inexorably (adv.)

In context: "...poor old SOVWAR is absorbing such serious collateral SUFDDIR that it's being inexorably impelled by game-theoretic logic to a position where it's going to pretty much have no choice but to go SACPOP against AMNAT."

Definition: In an inexorable manner; so as not to be moved by entreaty; relentlessly.

inexorable (adj.):  A. adj. Incapable of being persuaded or moved by entreaty; that cannot be prevailed upon to yield to request, esp. in the way of mercy or indulgence; not to be moved from one's purpose or determination; relentless, rigidly severe.

Other: We don't get many adverbs - but this one is a beauty.  One of my favorite words.

SNOOT score: 4
Page: 330

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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