Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Entry:    priapistic (adj.)

Definition:  Presumably from priapism (n.):  1. Med. Abnormal persistent erection of the penis (without sexual arousal); an instance of this; (also) an erect penis or 2. A phallus, a phallic image or symbol.
All of which comes from Priapus (n.):  1. A Graeco-Roman god of procreation and fertility, usually represented as a small, deformed figure with an enormous phallus, and later taken as a tutelary god of gardens, vineyards, etc.

It’s a measure of either my maturity or lack of coffee, at this moment, that I’m going to pass right over making jokes and intentional or otherwise puns.

Other:    Just a head’s up: Wallace is about to go on one of his medical-jargon frenzies and I’ve dutifully copied down most of the entries.  I’m about as excited for more medical terminology as you are, rest assured.

SNOOT score:   1

Page:   31

Source:   Oxford English Dictionary

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