Wednesday, 4 January 2012

News-ish (adj.)

Right now I'm batting about one new entry per page.  

So, give or take, we're going to have around 1,000 entries.  While I doubt anyone reading an Infinite Jest vocabulary blog can be credibly accused of attention-deficit, it seems a bit much to ask for three years of your attention.
I'm going to try to publish two entries a day.  If that's not too arduous (and let's not forget that I live a very upper-crust, jet-skiing, motorcycling, diamond-encrusted-incisor sort of lifestyle: I'm a busy fellow) then I'll bump it up to three/day so we can finish by 2013.  

Many thanks to those of you have Liked this blog on Facebook and helped spread the word.  Please continue to do so!  j03 at metafilter suggests a Twitter feed, so I'll look into that as well.  

If anyone reading this has more aesthetic sense than I do (i.e., matching socks), and would like to do a small banner/logo, you'd have both my gratitude and a link somewhere around here to your portfolio, business, apimania blog.

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