Monday, 30 January 2012

Entry:    unfenestrated (adj.)

Definition:  1884    C. B. Kelsey Dis. Rectum vii. 209   A good, fresh, unfenestrated drainage-tube.

While I’m sure the term is entirely clear now, I’ll provide a bit of extra information for the detail-oriented crowd.

Fenestrated (adj.): 1. Archit. Furnished with windows. 

Or In scientific use: Pierced with a hole or with holes; perforated. ‘ fenestrated membrane (Anat.): that form of the elastic tissue of the middle or contractile coat of the arteries, in which it presents a homogeneous membrane the meshes of which appear as simple perforations’ (Hoblyn, 1868). 

Other:    In the popular imagination, most bloggers live in small, aromatically-stagnant and unfenestrated rooms. 

SNOOT score:   2

Page:   52

Source:   Oxford English Dictionary

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