Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Entry:    fantods (n.)

Definition:  The OED’s definition doesn’t really fit the term’s usage in Infinite Jest, either a crotchety way of acting; a fad, or in the adjectival form fidgetty, restless.

I prefer the Scrabble dictionary’s “an emotional outburst” or even better’s “A state of extreme nervousness or restlessness; the willies; the fidgets.”

Other:    This has to be one of the most beloved terms from IJ.    And it’s never just the fantods – it’s always the howling fantods.
I really enjoy the understated sound of this:
1839    C. F. Briggs Adventures Harry Franco I. 249   You have got strong symptoms of the fantods.

SNOOT score:   3

Page:   45

Source:  Various  

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