Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Entry:    entrepôt (n.)

In context:  Another Wallace-length sentence.  This one continues directly from above.  I’ve also highlighted one of tomorrow’s words in the same sentence.  (Spoiler alert.)

“Nystagmus or no nystagmus, Tenuate’s a particular favorite of Michael Pemulis, who hoards for personal ingestion every 75-mg. white Tenuate capsule he can lays hands on, and does not sell or trade them, except sometimes to roommate Jim Troeltsch, who nags Pemulis for them and also goes into Pemulis’s special entrepôt-yachting-cap and promotes still more of them on the sly, a couple at a time, feeling that they help his sports-color-commentary loquacity, which secret promotions Pemulis knows about all too well, and is biding his time, never you fear.

If this footnote can’t make you fall in love with Infinite Jest, then I’m not sure what can.

Definition:  Temporary deposit of goods, provisions, etc.; chiefly concr. a storehouse or assemblage of storehouses for temporary deposit.

Other:    Pronounced   /ɑ̃trpo/

SNOOT score:   3

Page:   983

Source:   Oxford English Dictionary

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