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Entry: maxillofacial (adj.)

Entry:    maxillofacial (adj.)

Definition:  Forming adjectives (often used as nouns) with the sense ‘of or relating to the maxilla and ——’, as maxillo-facial, maxillo-mandibular, maxillo-nasal, maxillo-palatine, etc.

Okay, but how about maxilla (n.)?  Anat. and Zool. Either of the pair of bones forming the upper jaw in vertebrates.

Other:    A very distinguished first usage!

1867    T. H. Huxley in Proc. Zool. Soc. 11 Apr. 419   By the term ‘maxillo-palatines’ I designate those processes of the maxillary bones which extend, more or less horizontally, inwards and contribute to the formation of the roof of the mouth and the anterior and inferior walls of the nasal chambers. I conceive these maxillo-palatine processes to answer to the palatine processes of the maxillary bones in mammals.

Also interesting or squeamishness-inducing is the context: “The medical attaché’s particular expertise is the maxillofacial consequences of imbalances in intestinal flora.” 

SNOOT score:   2

Page:   33

Source:   Oxford English Dictionary

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