Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Entry:    dipsomaniacal (adj.)

In context:   “…the father, a dipsomaniacal tragedian progressively crippled by obsessions with death by spider-bite and by stage fright and with a bitterness of ambiguous origin but consuming intensity toward the Method school…”

Definition:  From dipsomania:  A morbid and insatiable craving for alcohol, often of a paroxysmal character. Also applied to persistent drunkenness, and formerly to the delirium produced by excessive drinking.

Other:    Check out this etymology:

Etymology:  < Greek διψο- comb. form of δίψα thirst + μανία madness

SNOOT score:   2 (better than “lush” or “boozehound”)

Page:   63

Source:   Oxford English Dictionary

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