Friday, 17 February 2012

Entry: simpatico (adj.)

In context: "In short, Schtitt and the tall A.E.C.-optics man (i.e. Incandenza), whose fierce flat serve-and-haull-ass-to-the-net approach to the game had carried him through M.I.T. on a full ride w/stipend, and whose consulting report on high-speed photoelectric tracking the U.S.T.A. mucky-mucks found dense past all comprehending, found themselves totally simpatico on tennis's exemption from stats-tracking regression."

Definition:  Pleasing, likeable; congenial, understanding; sensitive, sympathetic.

Other: I don't really care for any of the usages except this one: 

1905    E. M. Forster Where Angels fear to Tread iii. 86   The person who understands us at first sight, who never irritates us, who never bores,‥that is what I mean by simpatico.

Great word!

SNOOT score: 3

Source:  Oxford English Dictionary

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