Monday, 27 February 2012

Entry: cognomen (n.)

In context: "He [Stice -- JM] makes the companies that give him clothes and gear give him all black clothes and gear, and his E.T.A. cognomen is 'The Darkness.'"

Definition:  Hence, in English use: a distinguishing name or epithet given to a person or assumed by himself; a nickname.


In Latin use:  (a) The third name, family name, or surname of a Roman citizen, as Marcus Tullius Cicero, Caius Julius Cæsar;  (b) an additional name or epithet bestowed on individuals, as Africanus, Cunctator (in later Latin called agnomen).

Other: Cool word!  I'm a big hockey fan, but I think hockey cognomen are among the worst.  You're Smith?  Smithy.  You're Jones?  Jonesy.  Winnipeg Jets goalies Ondrej Pavelec?  Pavvy. 

SNOOT score: 3

Page: 100
Source: Oxford English Dictionary

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