Thursday, 9 February 2012

Entry:    annular (adj.)

In context:   “…one of the big half-dozen discoveries that made possible cold annular fusion…”

Definition:  I’m having a bit of trouble choosing which entry is most suitable.  It’s possible that Wallace might have just been playing a little fast and loose here.
Of or pertaining to a ring or rings; ring-like, ring-formed, ringed.   annular space n. the space between an inner and an outer ring or cylinder.

Other:    Gross.

1767    R. Smith in Philos. Trans. 1766 (Royal Soc.) 56 92   She voideda large annular worm.

SNOOT score:   1

Page:   64

Source:   Oxford English Dictionary

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  1. Fusion in a doughnut or torus-shaped container for the plasma is not uncommon, and is likely what Wallace was thinking of. q.v.