Friday, 10 February 2012

Entry:    incunabular (adj.)

In context:   “Dark Logics.  B.S. Meniscus Films, Ltd.  Players uncredited; 35 mm.; 21 minutes; color; silent w/deafening Wagner/Sousa soundtrack.  Griffith tribute, Iimura parody.  Child-sized by severely palsied hand turns pages of incunabular manuscripts in mathematics, alchemy, religion, and bogus political autobiography, each page comprising some articulation or defense of intolerance and hatred.”

Definition:  1. The earliest stages or first traces in the development of anything.

Other:    Neat word, eh?  Check out the etymology, which is helpful: < Latin incūnābula (neuter plural) swaddling-clothes, hence cradle, and fig. childhood, beginning, origin, < cūnæ cradle.

SNOOT score:   3

Page:   986

Source:   Oxford English Dictionary

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