Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Entry: zygomatics (n.)

In context: "His [Hal's -- JM] parents' pregnancies must have been all-out chromosomatic war: Hal's eldest brother Orin has got the Mom's Anglo-Nordo-Canadian phenotype, the deep-socketed and lighter-blue eyes, the faultless posture and incredible flexibility (Orin was the only male anybody at E.T.A.'d ever heard of who could do a fully splayed cheerleader-type split), the rounded and more protrusive zygomatics."

Definition:  Short for zygomatic muscle n. at sense A.   or zygomatic bone n. at sense A.

Other: Your zygomatic muscle (which looks like fetching - have you been working out lately?) helps you to smile.  Check out this Wikipedia entry.

SNOOT score: 1

Page: 101
Source: Oxford English Dictionary, Wikipedia

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