Friday, 24 February 2012

Entry: teratogenic (adj.)

In context: "Move south, calmly and in all haste, toward some border metropolis - Rome NNY or Glens Falls NNY or Beverly MA, say, or those bordered points between them at which the giant protective ATHSCME fans atop the hugely convex protective walls of anodized Lucite hold off drooling and piss-colored banks of teratogenic Concavity clouds and move the bank well back, north, away, jaggedly, over your protected head."

Definition:   teratogenic adj. /-ˈdʒɛnɪk/ pertaining to teratogenesis; producing monsters.

Other: What a great word!  Though, the etymological link to teratoma (n.) A tumour, esp. of the gonads, characteristically formed of numerous distinct tissues and believed usually to arise from germ cells or their precursors, makes it maybe a little less fun.

SNOOT score:  4

Source:  Oxford English Dictionary

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